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Life can be hard. Sometimes we need a skilled hand to guide us as we:
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Recent Blog Posts

  • Staying ATTUNEd: Creating Emotional Trust in Marriage

    By Spencer Hinckley, CSW (Click HERE for a complete bio) What is trust? Longtime relationship researcher Dr. John Gottman believes trust in a relationship requires two things: 1) Transparency, or a belief that one sees the true reality of their partner, and 2) The feeling that one’s partner is there for them in time...
  • Thawing a Frozen Heart

    I just saw the new Disney movie, Frozen.  Have you seen it?  It has received high praise this year, and rightly so.  It’s a beautiful story and very well-done.  There were a number of elements in the story that I found very meaningful, though much of that is probably because...
  • Suicide: There Is Hope! Simple Steps to Recognize & Respond

    By Rick Rawlins, LCSW (Click HERE for a complete bio) Recently there has been increased media attention and awareness given to the topic of suicide.  Too often the subject of suicide causes people to feel uncomfortable and not want to discuss it.  Yet when someone is suffering and considering suicide, talking...
  • Don’t Show Your Teens the 3 Bad Reactions: Hurt, Anger, & Fear

    If you’re just joining this series now, be sure to check out the last 4 posts in the parenting series. Hurt, Anger, and Fear.  Feeling these emotions isn’t the problem.  And if they hit you because of life stressors or pressure, then by all means, let your kids see you...
  • Don’t Be Afraid to Show Emotion to Your Kids

    If you missed the first 3 parts of this parenting series, make sure to click HERE, HERE, and HERE. A lot of parents get so tired from their busy lives that they unintenionally operate in either a “superficial happy” state, or in anger (which is often just a way of...

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Each of our clinicians has a unique and experienced viewpoint, and they share their expertise in our blog articles. You will find entries here from qualified professionals, including valuable tips, resources, and advice for healthy living and meaningful relationships. If you have topics that you would like our clinicians to address in our blog articles, please tell us HERE. We are committed to providing our clients and readers with relevant, helpful, and hands-on information.

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