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Studio 5

Emotions are a Sign of Strength


Studio 5

6 Ways to Show Your Partner Love


Studio 5

Connecting with Grandparents


Good Things Utah

The Value Behind Family Traditions


Good Things Utah

Blended Families at Holiday Time


The Cultural Hall

The Cultural Hall podcast discusses a variety of topics through a lens that will feel most familiar to an LDS audience, yet this episode will benefit anyone, regardless of religious background. The hosts invited me to speak about spousal abuse, and we also spoke of marriage, emotional closeness, how to help those suffering an abusive relationship, and the importance of personal self-worth. Take the time to listen… you won’t regret it. HERE’s the link.


The Dating Divas

Three of the divas (and their husbands) came to one of our classes! Read what they had to say about it HERE.

The Dating Divas


Six Sisters’ Stuff

We were honored to have the Six Sisters highlight what we have to offer. Read their post HERE.

The Dating Divas


Saving Cent by Cent

We loved having Lisa and her husband attend a class. Take a look HERE at their review!

The Dating Divas


Or So She Says

Mariel and Dan attended a class and reviewed it on the blog HERE. It was great to meet them!

The Dating Divas


Honeyville Farms

I teach monthly classes on emotional & psychological preparedness at the Salt Lake City Honeyville Farms store. Check out the class calendar HERE and come to one!


Today’s Mama

We made the list of Top Winter Date Ideas in Utah! HERE‘s the article.


I Am Momma Hear Me Roar

Cheri and Mr. Roar came to a Dinner Workshop– Read her review HERE.


Enjoy Utah!

We loved having Michelle and her husband come to a class! HERE‘s the review.


The Fun, Cheap, or Free Queen

Jordan and Bubba had a great time at our class. It was fantastic meeting them!

HERE is Jordan’s review.


The Mormon Bachelor

TMB invited Kirk to counsel with the Mormon Bachelor and his final choice in the finale. Click HERE to watch!


The Attitude Shift

Kirk spoke with Siobhan and Donna about how to cope with things out of your control… like the end of the world!!! Click HERE to listen to the show (listen @ minute 15:32 for Kirk’s insights).