Date Night Deluxe Classes

Couples Classes

At Amber Creek Family Counseling & Psychiatry, we provide educational and interactive workshop classes for those who want to learn more about how to make their relationships stronger, healthier, and more meaningful.

We are excited to now offer:

“More From Marriage™”  &  “Decoding Your Teen™”

These are exclusive 3-hour classes on either Saturday mornings or for Friday Date Nights. Many people want help with their marriage or with parenting, but they lack the time, money, or interest for coming to weekly therapy sessions. Now couples can attend a one-time workshop class about how to powerfully boost their marriage, OR about meaningful help with parenting difficult teens.

Workshops Include:

  • A catered buffet-style meal (Dinner on Fridays, Brunch on Saturdays)
  • 3 months’ worth of counseling tips in 3 hours!
  • Entertaining and media-rich presentation in a relaxed environment
  • A packet of valuable tips and strategies to remember and use at home

 All this for a small fraction of the cost of weekly counseling sessions!

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“More From Marriage™”  OR  “Decoding Your Teen™”

You can also now see our More From MarriageTM class
by purchasing our online streaming video!

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