Premarital Classes

Couples Classes

Join us for our insightful and entertaining class for couples who are either preparing for marriage, or who are wanting to take their dating relationship to a more committed level.

Relationships don’t come with a “manual,” but there are secrets to making our committed relationships thrive and be as satisfying as we dream them to be.

If marriage is on the calendar for you, or if you’d like to move in that direction, you should know there is more to engagement than ordering a cake and invitations.  It’s an important time for a couple to prepare for the best chapter of their lives.

This 90 minute class gives valuable strategies for ensuring that your close connection keeps thriving!

Topics discussed in the class include:

  • Secrets of a Happy Marriage
  • The Most Important Communication Skills You’ll Ever Need
  • Resolving Conflict so You’re Closer Than Ever
  • Avoiding Relationship Pitfalls: Detachment, Laziness, Selfishness, Infidelity, Pornography
  • Blending Finances and Navigating a Shared Lifestyle
  • Setting and Keeping Healthy Boundaries with Work, Friends, & Family
  • Setting and Sharing Goals
  • Staying Emotionally Connected

Come Spend Your Next Friday Date Night With Us!!

Classes cost $100 per couple.  Refer a friend to this class and get two free movie tickets!  We can also bring this class to your church or community center.  Ask us for more details.

Makes a Great Wedding Gift!

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