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Bringing Our Best Selves to our Relationships

Every couple faces challenges, and what we bring to our relationships can either hinder or help our happiness.  This class teaches the tools for understanding ourselves and our partners, taking care of ourselves emotionally, and setting the foundation for the closeness we crave.

Communicating For Connection

Healthy communicating is so much more than simply reducing the fighting, yet that is often the furthest we get in our goal-setting.  The messages we send to our partners, through speaking and listening, can literally define our closeness to each other.  Are you ready to feel understood by your partner?  Are you tired of having the same old arguments?  This class will unlock the secrets to feeling intimately close to your partner.

Keeping the Spark Alive

Do you remember the spark you felt with your partner while dating?  Do you want to have that feeling back?  Sometimes jobs, time, children, or fighting can make the spark seem more like a memory.  You truly CAN have the spark return, and regardless of the strength of your relationship today, you can feel more connected than your best days in dating.  This class will show you how to relight the spark and keep the fire burning.